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Get Involved!!!

Any FMU member can choose to be involved in any or all of these activities, according to one's capability and availabity:
  • support for the franciscan mission
  • cooperative effort in promoting franciscan mission
  • participation in actual missionary activity


Join the FMU!!!


 and help make a difference...

    the lives of others,


     ...and yours, too!


There are no rigid qualifications


           to be an FMU member. 


The FMU Statutes says:


 “…The sole condition for membership

                          is the intention of sharing in

                                             and supporting

                   the Missionary Evangelization

                                  by the Friars Minor.”


In other words,

                       all that is needed

                       is the willingness

                                    to share a little of oneself

                               for the Franciscan Missions,

together with others

who share the same vision. 

An Appeal Letter from Balo-i
Dear Fr. Ting,
Peace and Good Being!
The San Vicenter Ferrer Quasi-Parish in Balo-i has 288 Christian families.  For almost 22 years, the Franciscan Friars were constant and very dedicated in their mission of Dialogue with our Muslim brothers and sisters for peace and reconcilliation.  Simultaneously, they also administer the quasi-parish of San Vicente Ferrer through the BEC program.  At present, we have 14 GSK dells (Gagmay Kristohanong Katilingban), but we have only one Bible for every cell.
Through GSK, the community is strengthened in faith and the members widen their knowledge about the Word of God.  However, most of them are poor farmers, laborers and vendors and cannot afford to have their own individual Bibles for use during the Bible study and sharings.  We do not have yet also Bibles for use during Catechism for children.
Through your office, as BEC-DLF coordinator of SVFQP, I am appealing for dinancial help that we may be able to purchase the number of Bibles we need.  OUr dream is for every home to have a Bible in the Visayan language.  For this we need some Forty thousand pesos (Php40,000.00).
thank you very much and may the good Lord continually bless us all and our ministry of spreading the good news of salvation to all humankind.
Sincerely yours,
(Signed) Miss Gemma Macas
BEC-DLF Coordinator
Noted by:
(Signed) Fr. Jovit M. Malinao, OFM
SVFQP-Pastoral Administrator
Dear Visitors,
In behalf of our faith community in Balo-i, Lanao del Norte,  I am appealing to your generousity.  Please send your generous support through the FMU.  Rest assured of our prayers for your well-being and continued success.
Fr. Ting, OFM

*    Our friars in Sri Lanka and Myanmar    * 
*    also need your help for their formation   *
*    needs.                                                        *
*                                                                       *
*    Wherever our Franciscan missionaries   *
*    are, you too, are there; when you pray    *
*    and support them.                                      *

Support a seminarian... a part
                 in the formation
     of our future
           Franciscan missionaries

Dear FMU members, friends and benefactors,
A good number of our seminarians come from the less financially stable families.  You can help preserve their religious/priestly vocations by helping out, especially in their financial needs.
An approximate breakdown of their expenses every semester is as follows:
Tuition/other academic fees      Php 15,000.00
Board and lodging                           20,000.00
Personal needs/school supplies          3,000.00
                  Total                      Php 38,000.00
Cash/checks and goods (clothing, toiletries, grooming) are accepted.  Please address all donations to:
Franciscan Missionary Union
Assistance for Seminarians
St. Anthony Shrine
254 Manrique St., Sampaloc, Manila
Please indicate if your donation
is for any seminarian in need
or a specific seminarian.  Thank you.
The Director
Franciscan Missionary Union
telefax: 735-2358
The Lord loves a generous giver!
 May He bless you now and forever!

An Appeal from the Chairperson
Provincial Financial Board
January 21, 2006
Fr. Agustin B. Cuenca, OFM
Director-Franciscan Missionary Union
St. Anthony Shrine, 254 Manrique St.
Sampaloc 1008 Manila
Dear Fr. Ting,
Pax et Bonum!
We wish to coordinate with you as regards to our OFM Filipino Missionaries abroad, the possibility for financial help that they can contribute to our seminarians.  We know that some of them are earning certain amounts of money, thus, we wish to know this possibility.
Thank you for your consideration and cooperation.
Fraternally yours,
(Signed) Fr. Baltazar Obico, OFM
Chairperson-Provincial Financial Board

Dear brothers in the missions,
The appeal letter of Tasang is loud and clear.
Our formation program needs your financial assistance.
May you be our link to generous benefactors where you are presently stationed.
You may send your assistance directly to the Provincial Procuration or to FMU.
May our concern for the welfare of our next generation missionaries be overwhelming!
Maraming salamat po!
Ting, ofm

You may send us possible names and addresses of seminary benefactors to whom we may send appeal letters.  Please see our e-mail address.  thank you.

Mission is Thanksgiving!


You who have so much to thank God for


            ,Won’t you share a little bit more?

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