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FMU Bookshop


Bibles, religious statues section

what's new?, novenas, stampitas, rosaries, chaplets, etc

FMU Bookshop * Groundfloor, Klinika ni San Antonio Building, St. Anthony Shrine, 254 Manrique St., S

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Located right at the heart of Sampaloc District, Manila within the St. Anthony Shrine compound, is the FMU Bookshop.


It began years ago with the idea of generating additional income for the missions by selling products handcrafted by groups or individuals from places where the Franciscan friars are sent to serve.  Later it evolved to producing items with Franciscan themes like calendars, planners, T-shirts, bags, etc.  Religious books have also been added to the list.


Today it carries a good number of religious items that  ordinary Catholics, even the religious and clergy may need, from simple novenas and rosaries, to religious home décor and theological books.


The Bookshop has the long-range plan of making it a Franciscan bookshop where Franciscan items of all sorts may be had, from souvenirs to scholarly works, to address locally the needs of the burgeoning Franciscan family and even of anyone who loves and is inspired by Francis and the rest of the Franciscan saints, lifestyle or spirituality.


Hence, the FMU Bookshop is envisioned to continue evolving in order to be able to respond to the signs of the times, the needs of the Church and of the Franciscan family in particular.


Shop now at the FMU Bookshop!  You can be sure you’re helping the missions!


E-mail us at or telefax (02)735-2358. 


Look for Gigi or Nelia.  Thank you!

               CLARETIAN SELECTIONS                        PRICE (Php)
A Certain Jesus, Vol 2            239.00
A Certain Jesus, Vol 3            239.00
A Retreat with Benedict and Bernard            135.00
A Retreat with Bro. Lawrence Rus            165.00
A Retreat with Catherine of Siena            155.00
A Retreat with Desert Mystics            155.00
A Retreat with Edith Stein            155.00
A Retreat with Elizabeth Seton            155.00
A Retreat with John the Evangelist            165.00
A Retreat with Luke            155.00
A Retreat with Mark            155.00
A Retreat with Matthew            165.00
A Retreat with Our Lady of Guadalupe              135.00
A Retreat with Patrick            155.00
A Retreat with Peter            155.00
A Retreat with Pope John Paul II            155.00
A Retreat with Teresa of Avila            155.00
All Ground is Holy            100.00
All Saints            499.00
And Morning Came            175.00
Angel and Me            150.00
Announcing the Kingdom            365.00
Anselm: Joy of Faith            150.00
Asian Saints            129.00
Beacon's of Light: Profiles of Ecclesiatical            120.00
BEC: The Church on A Small Scale             89.00
Becoming Friends            160.00
Becoming Local Church            149.00
Believing in Jesus            200.00
Believing in to Discipleship            130.00
Bible From Scratch, The            109.00
Bible Questions People Ask, The Vol 1            125.00
Bible Questions People Ask, The Vol 2            135.00
Bible Questions People Ask, The Vol 3            135.00
Bible Questions People Ask, the Vol 4            125.00
Blessed Mother Teresa            325.00
Biblia ng Sambayanan            440.00
Called by Name            180.00
Canonical Issues Related to Religious Life            195.00
Catechism For Filipino Catholics            150.00
Catholic Social Teaching            250.00
Christian Community Bible (sm, hard-bound)            320.00
Christian Community Bible (sm, soft-bound)            255.00
Christian Community Bible (sm, hard-bound/index            270.00
Christian Community Bible (regular, hard-bound)            420.00
Changing Paradigms, The            225.00
Children of Disobedience            150.00
Church from the Roots, The             99.00
Consecration of the Religious            165.00
Crossing            120.00
Deacons and the Church            150.00
Discipleship in Community: A Workbook            130.00
Doing Christology: The Re-appropriation            195.00
Doing Eccesiology            109.00
Doing Theology            150.00
Encountering God in the Abyss            229.00
Essential Bible Handbook            245.00
Essential Catholic Handbook            245.00
Essential handbook of the Sacraments            245.00
Essential Catholic Prayer Book            245.00
Eucharistic Year            150.00
Everyday Prayers            750.00
Family Planning             65.00
Finding My Way Home            130.00
Francis: A Saints Way            210.00
Freedom from the Grip of Fear            155.00
God of the Sparrow            100.00
God who Beacons, The            195.00
God's Gentle Rebels            150.00
Golden Nuggets            125.00
Handbook for Liturgical Studies, Vol 1            650.00
Handbook for Liturgical Studies, Vol 2            620.00
Handbook for Liturgical Studies, Vol 3            600.00
Handbook for Liturgical Studies, Vol 4            630.00
Handbook for Liturgical Studies, Vol 5            650.00
Handbook for Today's Catholic Teens             75.00
Healing Power of Prayer            175.00
Healing the Scars of Emotional Abuse            195.00
Heart of Henri Nouwen            145.00
Helping Children Find God            150.00
Hildegard of Bingen: Mystical Writings            180.00
How to Read the Apocalypse            150.00
How to Read the New Testament            159.00
How to Read the Old Testament            159.00
I Believe: A Workbook for Theology 1            139.00
Into the Abyss of Suffering            165.00
Isang Maikling Katesismo             49.00
Journeying with Others            109.00
Koinonia Recipe            165.00
Letters of Direction            100.00
Liturgy Alive Weekdays (softbound)            629.00
Liturgy Alive: Year C            349.00
Liturgy Alive: Year A            349.00
Liturgy Alive: Year B            349.00
Living Like Jesus: A Workbook for Theology            130.00
Manual for Promoters of Justice, Peace            179.00
Meditations for Church Volunteers            100.00
Ministry Series (set) Music, Cantors, Servers…            500.00
My Life, My Choices            275.00
New Jerome Bible Handbook            399.00
New Testament (Cath. Pastoral Ed)            110.00
Noon to Nightfall            139.00
Only Necessary Thing, The            150.00
Our Blessed Mother: Mary in Catholic Traditions            100.00
Our Catholic Prayer            100.00
Pope Benedict XVI: A Personal Portrait            250.00
Pope John XXIII: In My Own Words            195.00
Power of Prayer, The            135.00
Pray the Bible            100.00
Prayer at Night's Approaching            150.00
Praying our Goodbyes             99.00
Profiles of Faith: The Religious Beliefs of            275.00
Religious Community, The: A Guide to            150.00
Sacred Rhythms            275.00
Sadhanna, A Way to God            195.00
School of Love            150.00
Stars and Angels            150.00
Teaching for Christian Hearts            120.00
Ten Commandments, The            165.00
Theology for Teachers            299.00
This is Our Faith            195.00
Toward a New Way of Being Church Today            229.00
Twenty Tough Questions Teenagers Ask            120.00
Unholy Nation            270.00
Vatical II Weekday Missal-Hardbound         1,202.00
Vatican II Weekday Missal-Sopftbound         1,102.00
Virtues of an Authentic Life: A Celebration            195.00
Vitamins for the Heart, Vol 1            150.00
Vitamins for the Heart, Vol 2            140.00
Ways of Ecstacy            120.00
Words of Common Sense            145.00
You Can Heal Your Life            139.00
Alphonsus Ligurori            150.00
Bernard of Clairvaux            150.00
Bonaventure-Mystic of God's Word            210.00
Daniel-A Book for Troubling Times            160.00
Diary of Fire             60.00
Drama of the Resurrection            150.00
Everyday Miracles            250.00
He Hears the Cry of the Poor            200.00
Jesus, The Heart of His Message            300.00
Light in the Darkness            300.00
Living the Little Way of Love            200.00
Martin Luther King            200.00
May They All Be One             70.00
Meditations on Sunday Gospels -Year A            150.00
Meditations on Sunday Gospels - Year B            150.00
Meditations on Sunday Gospels - Year c            150.00
Only at Night We see the Stars            200.00
Open Family            200.00
Paul's Prison Letters            150.00
Priest Needs a Home            100.00
Revelation            200.00
Romans - The Good News            250.00
Sister Earth            100.00
Song of Songs            250.00
Tender Farewell of Jesus            150.00
Thomas Merton            150.00
United in His Name            230.00
Vincent the Paul and Charity            200.00
Way of Vincent de Paul            200.00
What is Heaven Like            120.00
Woman's Work            350.00
St. Francis of Assisi: Early Documents
          A. The Founder         1,150.00
          B.  The Saint         1,150.00
          C.  The Prophet         1,480.00
Confessions of St. Augustine         1,200.00
The Augustine Catechism            150.00
1000 Stories, Vol. 1            130.00
1000 Stories, Vol. 2            130.00
A Thought for Today            150.00
Abba Loves You            150.00
Blessing of a Home             40.00
Building Caring Relationship            200.00
Clarifying Terms             50.00
Crumbs that Fell…            120.00
Echoes from the Heart            150.00
El Shaddai             65.00
Escape Routes            170.00
Handbook for Today's Catholic             45.00
Inquirer Moments Cycle A            110.00
Inquirer Moments Cycle C            100.00
Light Moments            100.00
Liturgy, Ministries and the Bible             85.00
Making your Marriage Last             30.00
Mini-Mike New Testament            130.00
Mini-Mike OldTestament            130.00
Moments            100.00
More Stories of Life and Laughter            100.00
Mother Teresa            100.00
O Banal na Santatlo            120.00
Passion and Glory of the Eucharist            150.00
Prayer of the Faithful            100.00
Rejoice Songbook, Vol. 1             70.00
Rejoice Songbook, Vol. 2             70.00
Rejoice Songbook, Vol. 3             70.00
Rejoice Songbook, Vol. 5             75.00
Rejoice Songbook, Vol. 6             75.00
Salitang Buhay A            100.00
Salitang Buhay B            100.00
Shared Moments            100.00
Simple Moments            100.00
Stories of Life and laughter            100.00
The Millenium Stories            150.00
The Next 500 Stories            150.00
The Storytellers Minute            150.00
True Stories of Heavens Gift            160.00
We are One             50.00


Towards a Filipino Christian Eco-theology of Nature 250.00
San Pedro Bautista: A Saint in the Philippines 35.00
Introduction to the Study of Franciscanism 100.00
San Pedro Bautista and Comapnions:
                The Protomartyrs of Japan 120.00
Francis and the Sultan of Egypt 100.00
Francis of Assisi in the Year 2000 75.00

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